Digital Citizenship and Digital Divide

Digital citizenship is where a person uses a certain amount of information  technology to have the skill to work with the government  organisations through computer and mobile phones devices.

The Digital divide is when countries have social problems around the world. Sweden is a rich country compare to Africa which is poor country the big difference between the two that technology have separated. There are some correct figures which shows international telecommunications union from Sweden which have 12 % that are off-line compared to Greece which have 56.5%.

This chart shows the division of digital resources and the amount of it being used.

This shows how many people are off-line 2008.

Due to economy in each country it does depends on the fundings they get for the public to use technology and develop it as well so there is a more of a chance of rich countries for example United States has the most advanced technology growing fast.

Meinrath, S ( 2001)  When it comes to broadband connectivity, the era of ‘if you build it, they will come’, is rapidly drawing to a close in industrialised countries.

I totally agree with Meinrath what she said because is finding the space and time to have citizenship and become as one unit. [9/12/10]

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